Pump Jam & Suction Loss Protection

Pumps can become jammed due to foreign matter and cause damage to both the Pump Jam & Suction Loss Protectionpump and the motor before thermal overloads are tripped. Additionally a blockage in the suction line of the pump can cause the pump to run dry, overheat and break a seal.

By simply installing an NK Technologies’ self-powered Current Operated Switch in one leg of the motor overload (pump jam), underload (suction loss) or underload & overload can be detected quickly before damage occurs.

1300    Aggregates/Cement, Agriculture & Aquaculture, Biotech & Biopharm, Chemicals, Extrusion, Food/Beverage, Bottling/Canning, Fountains, Machine Tools, Material Reduction - Shredders & Grinders, Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pumps, Pumps & Irrigation, Refrigeration & Compressors, Test Cells/Stands, Textiles, Utilities & Power Generation, Water & Wastewater  
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