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A Smaller, Simpler to Use Current Switch for Detecting Very Low DC Current Levels

The DS1 was designed in response to customers’ requests for a smaller, simpler sensor to monitor DC current levels:

  • A customer manufacturing pressure washers needed a contact that closed when a heating circuit was operating, allowing the washer to operate only when the water was hot.
  • Another wanted a remote indicating light to show when a load was energized. Both systems are used on mobile equipment, powered by 12 or 24 volt battery systems.
  • Safe-T-Rack uses the DS3 series switch as an interlock with their control system. They manufacture a high voltage circuit breaker draw out mechanism which allows for remote control, so the operator can be a safe distance from the breaker to reduce any chance of arc flash.
  • The sensor can also be used to provide independent indication of a DC load, including ventilating fans on passenger train cars, allowing the system controller to know absolutely that the air handling system is working.

DS1 DC Current Sensor in A Compact One-Piece Design

The DS1 DC current switch is smaller than other DC current sensors and simpler to use. It is non-adjustable so the output closes when there is current and opens when there is no current. It uses the same circuit voltage to power the sensor as the circuit being controlled so it is easier to install than other sensors. The DS1 current sensor can be powered by any DC voltage between 10 and 28 volts, and the solid state “contact” closes with a minimum of 0.75 amps DC through the sensing window. The contact can control a DC load up to one amp, up to 30 VDC.


DS1 Current Sensing Switch

DC Current Switch Applications
As a Safety Interlock it is a non-intrusive method to keep personnel safe.
Alarm contact when a load is operating or when it is not energized.
Detect PV system leakage by monitoring the earth bond conductor.
Use the contact to turn on a lighting circuit when a load is energized.
Instant indication of equipment status.

Smaller, simpler and every bit as reliable as the adjustable DS3 series, this new sensor can be used to detect very low current levels.