AGL Series Ground Fault Relay

AGL Series Ground Fault Relay


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AGL Series are large aperture ground fault relays that offer one of the largest aperture diameters in the industry while maintaining a compact overall profile. Intended for sensing earth leakage in applications up to 300 A, the AGL Series Large Aperture Ground Fault Relays offer a choice of N.O. or N.C. latching relays or an SPDT Form C relay with auto-reset. Enclosure features integral DIN rail mounting as standard and optional noise immunity coatings for applications in harsh EMI/RFI environments.

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  • Integral DIN rail mount with spring loaded mounting clips
  • Setpoint options include factory-adjustable setpoint from 5 mA –100 mA or “TR3 Tri-Set” models with field-selectable 5/10/30 mA settings
  • Finger-safe terminals for worry-free installation and operation
  • Aperture orientation is perpendicular to DIN rail, allowing for clean and efficient wiring and minimizing space between multiple components
  • Choice of dependable latching SPST or SPDT (form C) electromechanical relay outputs
  • Leakage to Ground
  • Uses “Zero Sum” operating principle to reliably sense imbalance in magnetic fields associated with current leakage to ground
  • Typical response times from 15 ms to 200 ms
  • Integral “push-to-test” button with LED indication of contact status
AGL Series Model Numbers: AGL1-NCR1-120-LA-sss*, AGL1-NCR1-120-LA-sss*-N, AGL1-NCR1-24U-LA-sss*, AGL1-NCR1-24U-LA-sss*-N, AGL1-NOR1-120-LA-sss*, AGL1-NOR1-120-LA-sss*-N, AGL1-NOR1-24U-LA-sss*, AGL1-NOR1-24U-LA-sss*-N, AGL2-NCR1-120-LA-sss*, AGL2-NCR1-120-LA-sss*-N, AGL2-NCR1-24U-LA-sss*, AGL2-NCR1-24U-LA-sss*-N, AGL2-NOR1-120-LA-sss*, AGL2-NOR1-120-LA-sss*-N, AGL2-NOR1-24U-LA-sss*, AGL2-NOR1-24U-LA-sss*-N, AGL3-NCR1-120-LA-TR3-N, AGL3-NCR1-24U-LA-TR3, AGL3-NCR1-24U-LA-TR3-N, AGL3-NOR1-120-LA-TR3, AGL3-NOR1-120-LA-TR3-N, AGL3-NOR1-24U-LA-TR3, AGL3-NOR1-24U-LA-TR3-N, AGL1-SDT1-120-DEN-sss*, AGL1-SDT1-120-DEN-sss*-N, AGL1-SDT1-120-ENE-sss*, AGL1-SDT1-120-ENE-sss*-N, AGL1-SDT1-24U-DEN-sss*, AGL1-SDT1-24U-DEN-sss*-N, AGL1-SDT1-24U-ENE-sss*, AGL1-SDT1-24U-ENE-sss*-N, AGL2-SDT1-120-DEN-sss*, AGL2-SDT1-120-DEN-sss*-N, AGL2-SDT1-120-ENE-sss*, AGL2-SDT1-120-ENE-sss*-N, AGL2-SDT1-24U-DEN-sss*, AGL2-SDT1-24U-DEN-sss*-N, AGL2-SDT1-24U-ENE-sss*, AGL2-SDT1-24U-ENE-sss*-N, AGL3-NCR1-120-LA-TR3, AGL3-SDT1-120-DEN-TR3, AGL3-SDT1-120-DEN-TR3-N, AGL3-SDT1-120-ENE-TR3, AGL3-SDT1-120-ENE-TR3-N, AGL3-SDT1-24U-DEN-TR3, AGL3-SDT1-24U-DEN-TR3-N, AGL3-SDT1-24U-ENE-TR3, AGL3-SDT1-24U-ENE-TR3-N
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