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New AMPFlasher™ ACI Current Indicators with Remote LED

NK Technologies’ has added a new model to its line of ACI current indicators. The AMPFlasher™ ACI-0.5-P adds the option of a remote LED on 24″ pigtails for remote indication. This compact AC sensor is easily installed by slipping the sensing ring over the conductors feeding a load and snapping the remotely-mounted, flashing LED into the enclosure cover. Ideal for use in control panels, where space is limited, or wherever confirmation of current flow is desired. The AMPFlasher™ ACI current indicator offer a simple, safe, and inexpensive way to quickly and clearly see live current carrying conductors

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New AMPFlasher™ Current Indicators with Flashing LED

NK Technologies has redesigned and expanded its flagship line of voltage sensing products. VTR Series transducers now feature a new, easy-to-mount 36.5mm wide DIN-rail compatible enclosure and expanded models for applications up to 500V. Additional design improvements include an optional extended-duty transformer which provides for isolation voltages of up to 3500V – ideal for battery monitoring or solar applications and among the highest in the industry for similar products. Useful in detecting voltage surges, brown out conditions, and phase loss, standard features on the VTR Series include True RMS sensing, quick response time, wide temperature range and galvanic isolation. All VTR Series products are RoHS compliant with additional agency approvals pending.

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