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Monitor Distorted AC Current with New ATPR Series Current Transducers

“E-Out” AC current transducers combine a transformer and true RMS signal conditioner in a single package
NK Technologies introduces ATPR “E-Out” Series AC Current Transducers. ATPR current transducers combine a current transformer with a true RMS signal conditioner in a single package. This enables the ATPR series to produce a 0-5 or 0-10VDC RMS output on distorted waveforms located in the output of variable frequency drives, phase angle fired heating controls, and on linear loads in “noisy” power environments.

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Easily Monitor Current Usage of Loads up to 2000 Amps with ATCR

Innovative design enables installer to pass the coil around the conductors, without having to disconnect existing wires NK Technologies introduces ATCR Series Current Transducers. ATCR flexible loop current transducers are a perfectly matched and factory calibrated sensing coil and True RMS signal conditioner that use just two wires to provide the power supply and output signal, while eliminating the need to disconnect existing wires. This makes them a uniquely simple and convenient means of monitoring resistive or inductive loads to detect current usage on large machines using AC current up to 2000 amps. They meet UL508 and CE requirements, making them suitable for global application.

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