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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Application
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Current Sensors for Automation.
For over two decades, NK Technologies has remained the premier manufacturer of Current Sensors and Transducers serving the factory and industrial automation markets.

With one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry, NK Technologies provides reliable, innovative current sensing products designed to add value and exceed our customers’ expectations. From motor monitoring to heater status, semiconductor tools to water/wastewater plants, NK Technologies has a family of current sensors to meet your application needs.





NK Technologies' News

AS0 Current Sensing Switches NEW! AC Current Sensing Switch/Transducer with Digital Display Setpoint
The ATS- FL model provides a visual display for greater setpoint accuracy. A solid state contact changes state when the current exceeds or falls below normal rumming current.
AS0 Current Sensing Switches New ASC Series Current Sensing Switch
ASC switches are factory-calibrated per customers' specifications. This means installation time is substantially reduced, resulting in a significant cost savings.
AS0 Current Sensing Switches New APT Series Power Transducers
APT Power Transducers measure three phases of current and voltage, and produce an industry standard analog signal proportional to the watts used.