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NK Technologies’ Quality Policy

NK Technologies will design and manufacture products that meet and/or exceed our customers’ expressed and implied requirements while continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system.

A Culture of Quality

At NK Technologies our commitment to quality goes beyond compliance; our commitment to quality is an integral part of our business culture. We’ve adopted an integrated Quality Management System that ensures our manufacturing and business processes are not only compliant with international industry standards, but more importantly provide products and services that ensure customer confidence and satisfaction.

Our Quality Management System

The foundation of our quality management system is our ISO9001 registration. However we’ve gone beyond the requirements of certification to develop a quality system that is a continuous built-in, quality assurance cycle that we improve upon consistently. Several features of our Quality Management System make it effective and easy to use across all operations of our organization:

  • Paperless Documentation Process: A high performance database provides access to product and process data quickly and easily. Employees have real-time visibility into the quality processes. Our proactive approach to product quality allows every employee easy access to documentation, efficient routing of information, and the ability to quickly implement any necessary changes to the processes if and when required.
  • Standardized Workflows: Defined workflows for all processes assure quality related data is efficiently and accurately captured. The software driven workflows guide the employee and provide automatically entered data and drop down lists to expedite data entry. At specific points in each workflow, data is validated to assure integrity.
  • System Integration: Our quality system integrates with other applications used throughout the organization. For example, to enhance communication within a workflow, automatic emails are generated and sent via Microsoft Outlook to alert the next employee in the workflow when they have an action item to perform.
  • System Conformance: Our quality system is audited regularly for conformance and effectiveness. Our database driven quality management system allows us to generate custom reports that measure the performance of the quality system so that we can continually make improvements to the system.

Customer Satisfaction Through Product Quality

Our real-time, proactive approach to product quality and our commitment to a culture of quality throughout our organization are translated into quality excellence designed and built into each one of our products. We provide our customers with consistently reliable products at competitive prices. Our quality system has allowed us to improve our new product development cycle so that we can supply our customers with innovative products that will give them the competitive edge.

ANAB Accredited

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