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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation

High Performance
Current Sensing for Automation

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NK Technologies — A Company Built Upon A History Of Innovation

Founded in 1982, when Maynard Kuljian saw the need for an economical way to measure current draw, Neilsen-Kuljian, Inc., became the first to develop the low-cost solid-state current sensing technology that underlies the industry today.

True to this heritage, NK Technologies has maintained a focus on developing and manufacturing innovative, cost-effective current sensing products designed to add value and to meet or exceed our customers’ performance expectations. With a portfolio of over 1,300 models, NK Technologies remains a leading supplier of current measurement solutions to the industrial and factory automation markets. As the needs of these markets change, NK Technologies is well-positioned to respond with sophisticated new product designs and improved product functionality necessary to meet those applications.

As a leader in the industry, NK Technologies takes its commitment to customers seriously and considers customer satisfaction a top priority. Timely response to customer inquiries; knowledgeable technical support; a willingness to develop custom solutions to meet specific customer needs; and an organizational commitment to delivering reliable, quality product on time are the hallmarks of excellence which our customers have come to rely on and expect from NK Technologies, a company built upon a history of innovation.

Agency Listings, Certifications and International Registrations

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Our quality management system is ISO-9001:2015 registered. Our environmental management system is ISO-14001:2015 registered.

RoHS 3 Compliant

Our products are RoHS 3 Compliant

RoHS 3 Compliance Statement


None of our products, to the best of our knowledge contain any conflict minerals.

Conflict Mineral Statement


Selective products are UL listed. Refer to the specific family and/or model page and look for the UL logo.


Selective products are CE (Conforme Europeenne) listed. Refer to the specific family and/or model page and look for the CE logo.


Our products are backed by excellent customer service and support, and the best product warranty in the industry.

Warranty Statement
Terms and Conditions (PDF)

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