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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation

High Performance
Current Sensing for Automation

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Ground Fault Protection for Your Applications Get Your Guide!

Ground faults can be costly if not checked. They can cause a fire to erupt, damage equipment, or even shock or electrocute personnel. Numerous safety regulations and electrical codes exist to prevent and protect against ground faults. These and so much more can be found in this guide to ground fault protection.  

Here's what's in the guide:

Industry & Commercial Applications

  •   Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Equipment
  •   Electrical Heating System Protection
  •   Heat Trace
  •   Detect Earth Leakage
  •   PWM Driven Loads (Variable Speed Drives or Variable Frequency Drives)
  •   Marinas
  •   Renewable Energy Detect DC Current Leakage to Earth
  •   Detect Current Leakage for Preventative Maintenance

Commercial Kitchens - Protect Circuits to 100 Amps

  • 2020 & 2023 NEC Impact to Market
  • What is a 5mA Ground Fault Protection System
  • How to Select a Ground Fault Relay
  • Ground Fault Relay Selection Guide
  • How to Wire a Shunt Trip
  • Shunt Trip Breaker Selection
  • Calculating a Wire Bundle Size
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Basics & Technical Reference

  • 2020 & 2023 NEC Impact to Market
  • Importance of Ground Fault Protection
  • Detect Fault Current Before a Failure Occurs
  • Calculating Wire Bundle
  • How to Wire a Shunt Trip
  • Shunt Trip Breaker Selection
  • Ground Fault Protection at Distribution Panel
  • Ground Fault Relay Selection

NK Technologies’ ground fault relays allow the system designer to choose what the relay output will do if a fault to ground is sensed. The output contact can be selected to close, operating a shunt trip circuit breaker, or a contact can open the circuit to a contactor coil. Both would shut down the monitored load. 

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Here is what Engineers have to say about our technical expertise...

“Changes to NEC 210.8 B-F have challenged all of us in the industry to find new GFCI solutions. When NK Technologies reached out to us recently, we decided to invest a few hours into meeting with their application experts. Five of our electrical engineering designers attended the session and considered it time well spent. NK Technologies has an in-depth understanding of the new NEC requirements and ground fault products designed to meet them. We are thankful for their time.”

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