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Voltage Transducer

A voltage transducer measures AC or DC voltage and converts the measured voltage into a proportional analog output signal. Measuring voltage is crucial in ensuring accuracy and safety in critical applications. Transducers are also used in manufacturing and industrial applications to monitor and control both processes and equipment.

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Voltage Transducers

NK Technologies manufactures and warehouses a large selection of Voltage Transducers for monitoring and control processes. Begin your selection process by choosing your voltage transducer below.  If you need a voltage transducer, please contact support.

VTU-DIN AC or DC Voltage Transducer

VTD Voltage Transducers

VTU-DIN AC or DC Voltage Transducer

VTU-DIN Voltage Transducers

DC Voltage Transducer - VTD-BD Series from NK Technologies

VTD Bidirectional Voltage Transducers

VTU-OS Series AC/DC Voltage Transducer main product photo.

VTU-OS Voltage Transducers

VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers

VTR Voltage Transducers

Understanding and Selecting Voltage Transducer

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What is a Voltage Transducer?

A voltage transducer measures AC or DC voltage and converts it into an analog output signal, commonly use in monitoring and controlling processes. Read More>

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How to Choose a Voltage Transducer

Our Voltage Transducer Guide will help walk you through the process of making the right choice. Read more >

Voltage Transducer Library

Below are some of our most popular articles and whitepapers for your voltage transducer applications. If you need assistance selecting or building a custom voltage transducer, please contact sales.

Case Studies

"Explore Our Case Studies: Real-World Success Stories and Solutions!"
If you need assistance selecting or building a custom voltage transducer, please contact us.

Voltage Transducer FAQs

Get Expert Answers to Your Questions! Whether you need assistance with selecting the right product or building a custom solution,

our expert team is here to help. Contact us!

A voltage transducer is a device that measures AC or DC voltage and converts the measured voltage into a proportional analog output signal used for monitoring and controlling electrical systems.

Yes, a voltage transducer is sometimes called a voltage sensor and less frequently a voltage transmitter.

A voltage transducer measures the voltage between two line inputs and provides an output signal that is proportional to the measured input voltage. The analog output is then fed to an analog input card of a process control device such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS) or a digital display, capable of accepting an analog input.

Yes, all voltage transducers from NK Technologies are UL/cUL listed and CE certified.

Like voltage transducers, current transducers (also called current sensors) are used in manufacturing and industrial applications to monitor processes and control equipment. Current transducers can provide similar benefits as voltage transducers but measure electrical current instead of voltage. They measure an input current and provide a proportional analog output signal.

NK Technologies offers a variety of voltage transducers to fit your needs including AC only, DC only, either AC or DC and finally, bidirectional DC.  All models are offered across multiple voltage ranges. 

<<Click here to learn How to Choose a Voltage Transducer>>

Voltage Transducers are widely used in industrial control systems, power supply monitoring, battery management systems, high-speed rail systems, and renewable energy systems. Any place that needs accurate voltage monitoring.

Each application will have unique requirements. To choose the right voltage transducer, gather the following key criteria:

  • What input range is being measured?
    • Is the voltage AC or DC? If DC voltage, is it bidirectional DC voltage?
  • What is your output signal?
    • How will data be collected?
    • Voltage Signal {0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC} or Current Signal {4-20 mA}
  • Will your installation be loop powered or require an external power supply (24 VAC/VDC or 120 VAC)?
  • Do you require a DIN Rail Mount or a Panel Mount?
  • Does your application require a UL/cUL or CE certified product?

<<Click here to learn more in the How to Choose a Voltage Transducer whitepaper>>


NK Technologies makes a complete line of Voltage Transducers that measure a variety of AC and DC Voltage Ranges and have the following features:

  • “True RMS” for more accurate measurement results compared to “Averaging” transducers.
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount options
  • UL/cUL and CE certified

All models of NK Technologies voltage transducer cases support both DIN rail and panel mount installation.

Voltage transducers improve safety by monitoring voltage levels and can activate alarms or shut down systems if irregularities are detected.

Yes, there are voltage transducers designed for AC, DC, or both types of voltage measurements and can even be bidirectional.

Installation involves connecting the transducer input to the voltage source and the output to the monitoring or control system. Follow all manufacturer's guidelines and safety standards.

Connect the input voltage that you’d like to measure, the output signal, and a power supply depending on your needs.

Voltage Transducer Applications

NK Technologies offers a wide range of specialized voltage transducers for most applications. Whether you need assistance with selecting the right product or building a custom solution, our expert team is here to help. Contact us!


Building Automation

For monitoring and controlling electrical systems in smart buildings, ensuring energy efficiency and safety.

Automotive & Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ensuring safe and efficient operation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Battery Management

In electric vehicles and portable electronic devices, voltage transducers play a key role in monitoring battery health and performance.

Automotive Industry

They are used in automotive electrical systems for diagnostics and monitoring.


Electric Fencing

In agricultural and property management for maintaining the correct voltage levels for safety and effectiveness.

Aquaculture Systems

Monitoring and controlling electrical systems in automated fish farming operations.

Agricultural Equipment

Monitoring and controlling electrical systems in automated farming and irrigation equipment.


Data Centers

Ensuring the stability and reliability of power supply in data centers, crucial for uninterrupted operation of servers and networking equipment.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

They help in monitoring power supply systems in communication networks to ensure uninterrupted service.


Security Systems

In commercial electronic security systems, ensuring stable operation and reliability.

Lighting Systems

In commercial lighting systems for controlling and optimizing power usage.

Theme Park Infrastructure

For monitoring lighting and controlling electrical systems in rides for safety and performance.

Audio and Visual Equipment

In professional audio/visual setups for maintaining optimal power levels and protecting equipment. 


Electric Motor Control

In industrial motors, for precise control and protection against voltage anomalies.

Electric Heating Systems

In industrial heating systems for voltage control and efficiency.  

Cranes and Lifting Apparatus

DC motors are used to lift, place and position heavy objects as they have full torque capacity at zero speed. Use a voltage transducer to be sure that the field windings have voltage to keep the motor speed under control.

Three-Phase Motors

Identify phase loss conditions by detecting voltage reduction in one or more phases of three-phase motors.


Marine Applications

Voltage transducers used in boat docks and marinas.


Mining Equipment

In electrically powered mining machinery for operational safety and efficiency.

Research and Development

Research and Development Labs

For precise voltage measurement and control in experimental setups.


Semiconductor Manufacturing

Monitoring electrical parameters in semiconductor fabrication equipment.


Industrial Control Systems

Used for monitoring and controlling machinery and processes, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Electrical Testing and Measurement

Used in testing equipment for precise voltage measurements to ensure safety and efficiency.


Railroad Switchgear

Integral part of the railroad system used for train routing. Also known as a DC & AC Point Machines.

Traffic Control Systems

For managing and monitoring the electrical aspects of traffic lights and signage.

Utility & Power Generation

Renewable Energy Systems

Used in solar and wind energy systems for monitoring output and ensuring optimal performance.

Electrical Grid Load Balancing

Used in power grids for balancing loads and preventing overloads or failures.

Emergency Power Systems

Used for monitoring backup generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) systems in critical facilities like hospitals.

Oil and Gas Industry

Used in exploration and refining processes for monitoring electrical equipment in potentially hazardous environments.

Solar Power Inverters

Essential for converting and regulating voltage in solar power systems.

Wind Turbines

Used for monitoring the electrical output of wind turbines for grid compatibility and efficiency.

Power Supply Monitoring

Used in power generation and distribution, voltage transducers help in monitoring grid performance and detecting anomalies.

Water & Wastewater

Water Treatment Plants

Used for controlling and monitoring electrical equipment used in water purification and distribution.

Water Delivery and Treatment

Use to measure the AC voltage to pumps and aerators and shut them down if the supplied voltage falls to a dangerous level.

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