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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Applications
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AT/ATR-TH Series AC Current Transducers
AT/ATR-TH Series AC Current Transducers

AT/ATR-TH Series AC Current Transducer

AT/ATR-TH Series Current Transducers are the latest innovation for monitoring three-phase loads, motors, machines or buildings. The large triple-aperture solid-core design allows for a quick and easy installation. Just thread the conductors through the sensing windows (apertures) and reconnect on the other side. The transducer outputs are powered from an excitation voltage of 24 VAC or DC, or optionally 120 VAC, isolated from the monitored circuit. Three outputs are proportional to the AC current in each phase and a fourth represents the average of the three. Each are available at any time. The sensor mounts on a back panel or a DIN rail and is designed to accommodate wire sizes for loads up to 200 amps.

Analog Signal Proportional to AC Current

  • Both average responding and True RMS models available
  • Compatible with most automation and control systems

Externally Powered

  • Simple and reliable connection

Factory Calibrated and Warrantied For Five Years

  • Choice of ranges : 0–10 to 0–200 amps
  • Designed for longest life and reliability

DIN Rail or Panel Mount

  • Snap onto DIN rail or attach with screws to a panel for secure mounting
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