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Technical Guide to Motor & Pump Monitoring

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Technical Guide to Motor & Pump Monitoring

Technical Guide to Motor & Pump MonitoringMotors and Pumps

Worldwide, approximately 60% of the electrical power used in factories is consumed by electric motors. All electric motors, regardless of application require electrical current to generate the magnetic fields necessary to create rotation. By measuring this current, useful information can be obtained to monitor the status of the motor and the equipment connected to it. Both AC and DC powered motors are used to drive pumps, fans, conveyors and a broad range of specialized equipment.

Techniques for Determining Motor/Pump conditions

Electric motors utilize current and voltage to operate. The speed of a motor is proportional to the applied voltage and/or frequency, and the torque generated by the motor proportional to the applied current. The combination of the current and voltage (torque and speed) creates the power required to operate. Thus current and voltage measurements may be used to monitor the motor operating conditions and determine motor status. Current and power transducers, as well as current operated switches, provide sensing technology to monitor current and voltage. This aides in determining the condition of an electric motor and provides a signal to direct a specific action. These sensor devices can be used for jam protection, verification of operation, load monitoring, closed loop control, and status alarms.  Read more


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