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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation

High Performance
Current Sensing for Automation

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AMP Flasher™ ACI Current Indicator with Remote LED

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Typically, opening an electrical equipment enclosure for maintenance or testing is unavoidable. There are numerous ampflasher-aci-applic-imgsafety measures that need to be employed every time the enclosure is opened, including lockout and tagout of all upstream devices. A great deal of time can be saved by adding a current indicator to the conductor feeding the load and installing a remote LED.

NK Technologies’ AmpFlasher™ ACI current indicator is easily installed by slipping the sensing ring over one or more conductors feeding a load, and snapping the remotely-mounted, flashing LED into the enclosure cover.

You now have a reliable visual indication that a circuit is energized. You know the circuit breaker is off, because you double checked the lockout. You know the motor disconnect is open, because you moved the handle yourself. Now you can rest assured that the motor is not energized, because the LED mounted on the control panel is not flashing.

AMPFlasher™ ACI Current Indicators

A Simple, Safe Way to Monitor Live Current Carrying Conductors
The AMPFlasher™ ACI Series current indicator is a compact, inexpensive, easy-to-use LED ring which slips onto a conductor to give a flashing indication of current flow.

These AC sensors feature a compact 1” package that is ideal for use in control panels, where space is limited, or wherever confirmation of current flow is desired.

AMPFlasher™ ACI current indicators are a cost-effective way to detect live conductors and see current flow to fans, heaters, pumps, lighting or other powered devices.

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  •  Identify open heater circuit connections
  • Confirm operation for critical lighting or other equipment
  • Compact size for control panels and motor control buckets
  •  A quick visual aid to troubleshooting current problems
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