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NEMA Motor Loads and Product Selection

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In North America and some other parts of the world, motors are rated in horsepower (HP). Although there are many voltages supplied by the serving utilities, 460 VAC three phase, 60 hertz (hZ), is the most common. This table will help in selecting which current transducer to use when monitoring a specific motor load. Please keep in mind that these full load amperages (FLA) are averages based on four-pole motors. It is good practice to ask the customer what current level they plan on monitoring.

AC Current Transducer Ranges

AT and ATR Series: Field selectable within each model; AT0 Series: 0–2 and 0–5 amps; AT1 Series: 0–10, 0–20 and 0–50 amps; AT2 Series: 0–100, 0–150, and 0–200 amps; ATR Series: 0–100, 0–150, and 0–200 amps. Always select a model with a range lower than the actual load being monitored.

NEMA Motor Loads and Product Selection

This chart covers just the most common models NK Technologies manufactures. There are many newer products with higher and lower ranges, many in split core housings which may make your installation easier. Contact our applications support specialists at the factory for help selecting a product to fit your needs.

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