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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation

High Performance
Current Sensing for Automation

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NK Technologies Introduces AGLD Fault Sensors: Large LED Display Allows Clear Viewing of Trip Point in Any Light Condition

AGLD Ground Fault Sensor

SAN JOSE, CA – NK Technologies now offers the AGLD Series Ground Fault Sensors to keep machinery and operators safe from accidental shocks. The AGLD’s one-piece, solid-core design allows for installation over wires feeding heavy loads. The output relay will change state at any point between 5 and 100mA or 80 and 950mA. A delay can be set to allow downstream protection to activate before the sensor, keeping the main circuit protection hot and equipment energized while smaller faults are cleared. The large LED display shows the precise trip point and extra delay clearly in any light condition. Applications for the AGLD Series include monitoring of large machines, moisture ingress detection in water delivery and treatment systems, and safety in heating processes.

Key features and benefits of the AGLD Series include:

  • Electromechanical relay output provides both normally open and normally closed contacts
  • Compatible with most automation and control systems
  • Externally powered with a choice of fail safe or standard operation
  • Single-turn potentiometer with the setpoint shown on the display for easy adjustment in the field
  • Solid-core case with large sensing window provides ample space for multiple conductors
  • Simple DIN rail mount for quick installation


Founded in 1982, NK Technologies designed the first low-cost solid-state current sensing technology that underlies the industry today.

Today, NK Technologies is a leading provider of current sensing, ground fault detection and power monitoring products to the industrial and factory automation markets, with a product portfolio that includes more than 1300 models to satisfy a wide range of specific application needs.  As the needs of these markets change, NK Technologies is well-positioned to respond with sophisticated new product designs and improved product functionality necessary to meet those applications.

NK Technologies, 3511 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95136; 800.959.4014; fax: 408.871.7515;

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