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NK Technologies Power Monitoring Products

NK Technologies Power Monitoring Products

Measure Electrical Power Use in Single or Three Phase Circuits

APS Series Power Monitors use single phase loads, or three phase balanced loads. No external current transformers are needed to produce a loop powered 4-20mA output signal proportional to the wattage consumed.

APT Series Power Monitors use external current transformers with 5 amp or 333 mVAC secondaries and line voltage to 600 VAC. The output signal represents wattage, and is offered as 0-5 or 0-10VDC, along with 4-20mA.

APN Series Power Monitors use external current transformers with 5 amp or 333 mVAC secondaries to produce a digital formatted output. Monitor voltage, current, power factor and wattage consumed along with volt amps using Modbus RTU (RS485) serial communication protocol. LCD Display on the front of the device shows the data locally. Pulse contact for simple KWH tracking.

APN-R Series Power Monitors are factory scaled for 500 or 2000 amp loads using Rogowski coils to measure the current supplied to the load. The output is formatted as Modbus RTU, with a local display. The coils are flexible and easily surround single or multiple conductors or bus bar.

The APT-TH Series Power Monitors monitor watt consumption of three phase loads. They provide an analog signal proportional to the true power consumed by the monitored load. The three current carrying conductors pass through the three windows of the top section and match with the voltage inputs.

The MS and LS Series Current Transformers are larger CTs with secondaries of 5 amp, 1 amp, or 333 mVAC. The -MS is available with ranges from 0-150 amps to 0-800 amps and the -LS has ranges from 0-800 amps to 0-1600 amps. All allow installation with most power monitors or panel meters.

Solid-Core Current Transformers with 0-5 amp secondaries can be used with the APT and APN series power transducers. Standard windows range from 1-1/8” to 2.5” inside diameter.

ProteCT Series Current Transformers are available with ranges from 0-5 to 0-200 amps. Compact split-core housing can be opened and snapped closed over the conductor, suspended on the wire or
attached to a back panel. Provides 333 mVAC output proportional to the current used, and the output is compatible with the APT and APN series power monitors.

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