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High Performance Current Sensing for Automation

High Performance
Current Sensing for Automation

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AGL Series Ground Fault Relay

Designed & Assembled in the USA

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AGL Series Ground Fault Relay

Max. Wire Bundle 1.82 in (46.2 mm) Dia.

AGL Series Ground Fault Relay

The AGL series is a large aperture ground fault relay that offers one of the largest aperture diameters in the industry while maintaining a compact overall profile. Intended for sensing earth leakage, the AGL series offers a choice of N.O. or N.C. latching ground fault relays or a SPDT Form C relay auto-reset model. The enclosure features integral DIN rail mounting as standard. Optional noise immunity coatings for applications in harsh EMI/RFI environments is available.


  • Integral DIN rail mount with spring loaded mounting clips.
  • Compatible with most automation and control systems.


  • Include factory-adjustable setpoint from 5 mA –100 mA or “TR3 Tri-Set” models with field-selectable 5/10/30 mA settings.


  • Finger-safe terminals for worry-free installation and operation.


  • Orientation is perpendicular to DIN rail, allowing for clean and efficient wiring and minimizing space between multiple components.


  • Choice of dependable latching SPST or SPDT (form C) electromechanical relay outputs.


  • AGL Uses “Zero Sum” operating principle to reliably sense imbalance in magnetic fields associated with current leakage to ground.


  • Typical response times from 15 ms to 200 ms.


  • Integral “push-to-test” button with LED indication of contact status.

Here is what Engineers have to say about our technical expertise...

“Changes to NEC 210.8 B-F have challenged all of us in the industry to find new GFCI solutions. When NK Technologies reached out to us recently, we decided to invest a few hours into meeting with their application experts. Five of our electrical engineering designers attended the session and considered it time well spent. NK Technologies has an in-depth understanding of the new NEC requirements and ground fault products designed to meet them. We are thankful for their time.”

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