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APS Power Monitoring Transducer

Designed & Assembled in the USA

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APS Power Monitoring Measurement Transducer main product photo.

APS Power Monitoring Transducer

APS Series kWH Power Transducers offer an inexpensive way to measure kWH on single- and three-phase balanced loads. The APS Series Power Monitoring Transducer constantly measures motor power consumption, which is proportional to the amount of work being done and an indication of the motor load. Available for input currents up to 180 A and nominal voltages up to 480 VAC.


  • Measures true power (HP or kW) on balanced loads; accounts for voltage and power factor fluctuations and improves sensitivity fluctuations and improves sensitivity to load changes.
  • Requires only one or two power legs for installation.


  • Improves reliability when used in conditions where power interruptions and voltage sags are common.


  • Current and voltage sensors in one package and 24 VDC loop-powered supply allows for quick and easy two-wire installation.

Technical Information

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