CT-LS Series 1 A and 5 A Secondary Current Transformer

CT-LS Series 5A Secondary Current Transformer


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The CT-LS 1 A and 5 A Secondary Current Transformers offer a compact, cost-effective means of measuring primary current. These current transformers provide an easy-to-install method to measure AC current, producing a 0–1 A and 0–5 A output proportional to the current flowing through the sensing window. The CT-LS series offers a large sensing window and a split-core design for easy installation.

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  • Split-core case for convenient installation over large wires or bus bars
  • 1 A and 5 A secondary is compatible with standard power monitors and panel meters designed for the 1 A and 5 A input
  • LS series with large sensing window (3.49” x 2.36”) available to measure current from 0–800 A to 0–1600 A
  • Plated terminals for reliability
  • UR recognized file E475131.  Meets ANSI/IEEE C57.13 and IEE C57.13.2
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