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VTD Series DC Voltage Transducers

Maximize Motor and Drive Operating Life Prevent System Failures with new VTD High Performance Voltage Transducer

VTD series is a cost-effective solution for monitoring, detecting and diagnosing voltage conditions in DC powered installations NK Technologies introduces…

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ATCR AC Current Transducer

Easily Monitor Current Usage of Loads up to 2000 Amps with ATCR

Innovative design enables installer to pass the coil around the conductors, without having to disconnect existing wires NK Technologies introduces…

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CTC Series Signal Converter

New CTC Series Signal Converter

CTC Series Signal Converters allow you to use an existing standard 5A secondary or low-voltage ProteCT™ current transformer over a…

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ATQ AC Current Transducer

New ATQ Series Frequency Output Current Transducer

ATQ Series AC Current Transducers have a patented frequency output design used as an input to high-speed counter or frequency…

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VTD-BD Voltage Transducer

New VTD Series DC Voltage Transducers

VTD Series Voltage Transducers are high-performance transducers for sensing voltage in DC powered installations. Applicable for use on circuits to…

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ATCR AC Current Transducer

New ATCR Series Flexible Cable AC Current Transducer

NK Technologies’ flexible cable current sensors wrap around the conductor using very little space. The cable is connected to a…

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ACI Series AMPFlasher™

New AMPFlasher™ ACI Current Indicators with Remote LED

NK Technologies’ has added a new model to its line of ACI current indicators. The AMPFlasher™ ACI-0.5-P adds the option…

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DLT Series DC Current Transducers

New DLT Series Power Transducers Provide a Low-cost Alternative for Monitoring Photovoltaic Panels

The new DLT current transducers from NK Technologies are single range, take less panel space in combiner or re-combiner boxes,…

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VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers

New AMPFlasher™ Current Indicators with Flashing LED

NK Technologies has redesigned and expanded its flagship line of voltage sensing products. VTR Series transducers now feature a new,…

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