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ADC Series Analog to Digital Signal Converter

Quickly and Easily Convert Any Standard Sensor Output to Modbus Format with New ADC Signal Converters

NK Technologies introduces ADC Series Analog to Digital Signal Converters. The ADC series readily accepts analog signals from up to…

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ASXP Series AC Current Sensor

Benefit from Cost-Effective Motor Monitoring and Over-Load Protection with ASXP Current Sensing Switch

Current relay provides control engineers with features that help solve maintenance requirements for single and three-phase motors NK Technologies’ ASXP…

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ATS Current Sensing Rotary Switch

Easily Monitor High AC Current Loads with the ATS Current Transducer/Switch

ATS monitors AC current up to 1200 amps and provides complete isolation between the primary circuit and controls in a…

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ASM Series AC Current Sensor

Simplify Current Load Monitoring and Help Keep Motors Performing Optimally with ASM Smart Switch

New self-calibrating and self-powered Smart-Switch eliminates the need to manually adjust the sensor trip point, and is compatible with any…

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CTC Series Signal Converter

Seamlessly Convert a CT Signal to a Standard 4-20mA Output

Provides simple solution for monitoring current in applications where one-piece sensors are impractical or impossible to install NK Technologies introduces…

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Easily Monitor DC Current with New DT Series Current Transducers

Large aperture design makes it easy to seamlessly monitor any circuit up to 1200 amps NK Technologies introduces DT Series…

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Easily Monitor Energized Circuits in Tight Spaces with new AS1 Compact Case Current Sensing Switch

Ring design easily slips onto a conductor to give a solid-state contact for cost effective and reliable current flow indication…

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ATCR AC Current Transducer

Easily Monitor Current Usage of Loads up to 2000 Amps with ATCR

Innovative design enables installer to pass the coil around the conductors, without having to disconnect existing wires.  NK Technologies introduces…

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VTD Series DC Voltage Transducers

Maximize Motor and Drive Operating Life Prevent System Failures with new VTD High Performance Voltage Transducer

VTD series is a cost-effective solution for monitoring, detecting and diagnosing voltage conditions in DC powered installations NK Technologies introduces…

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