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AT/ATR-MS Series AC Current Transducer

New Easy-to-Install AT/ATR-MS Series Current Transducer From NK Technologies Accurately Monitors Loads Up to 800 Amps

SAN JOSE, CA – NK Technologies introduces the AT/ATR-MS Series AC Current Transducer, combining a current sensing element and signal…

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New DC Current Transducer Remains Accurate Across Wider Range of Changing Temperatures

Greater simplicity and usability across PLC’s, DAQ’s and power management systems SAN JOSE, CA – NK Technologies introduces the DT…

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AGT Ground Fault Indicators

AGT Series Ground Fault Indicators from NK Technologies Combine Current Transformer & True RMS Signal in One Package

SAN JOSE, CA – NK Technologies offers a wide range of ground fault indicators, including the AGT Series Ground Fault…

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New 2015 Product Catalog Available From NK Technologies

Current, voltage and power solution guide for industrial & factory automation markets SAN JOSE, CA – January 21, 2015 –…

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Current Sensing Theory

For a given current flow, a proportional magnetic field is produced around the current carrying conductor. NK Technologies current sensors…

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NK Technologies Successfully Completes ISO-9001/ISO-14001 Recertification Audit

NK Technologies announces it has successfully completed an ISO-9001/ISO-14001 recertification audit of its quality assurance and environmental management systems. The…

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ASL AC Current Sensor

NK Technologies’ ASL Switches Honored as 2013 Design News Golden Mousetrap Finalist

NK Technologies announces that ASL Series AC Current Operated Switches have been selected as a Golden Mousetrap Finalist in the…

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ASC Current Operated Switch

Precision Calibrated Current Switches Simplify Installation and Improve Performance for Limit Alarm Applications

NK Technologies introduces ASC Series Switches. Theses current operated switches are precision calibrated at the factory per customer specifications and…

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Measure Three Phase Wattage Consumption with the New APT Power Transducer

The APT produces an industry standard analog signal proportional to the real power used NK Technologies introduces APT Series Power…

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