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What is a 5mA Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Solution? – Commercial Kitchens

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Two base models are offered:

A ground fault circuit interrupter solution that meets intent of 2020 & 2023 National Electric Code (NEC) Article 210.8 (B) through (F), ground fault protection for branch circuits within wet locations. The system includes an AC ground fault relay that trips at 5 mA and separate circuit interrupter device.

A shunt-trip breaker with a ground fault relay is a common configuration widely adopted across multiple market segments and decades of reliable operation. The ground fault circuit interrupter solution is suitable for single or three phase, 15 A to 100 A branch circuits that protects against both overload current and ground fault currents greater than 5 mA.


A cost effective, compact ground fault circuit interrupter solution installed in the existing panelboard. Installation does not require special hardware, no special tools, easy installation, easy setup and compatible across all OEM panel boards. Can service 30 A to 50 A 120 VAC to 240 VAC single phase or 15 A to 100 A, 208 VAC to 240 VAC three phase branch circuit. Need help selecting an AC ground fault relay for the branch circuit and appliance. Click Here to Review our Ground Fault Relay Selection Guide.

When a ground fault current exceeds 5 mA NK Technologies AG, or AGL, ground fault current relay will respond “within an established period of time”, refer to figure 1. When circuit interrupter (CI) receives a fault signal from the relay, CI will de-energize the branch circuit or portion thereof.

When a shunt-trip breaker is manually reset and the ground fault current incidence has not been cleared, then the ground fault relay will command CI to de-energize the branch circuit. It is necessary to energize the branch circuit removing the ground fault defect.

Established Period of Time AG Series VS UL943

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“Changes to NEC 210.8 B-F have challenged all of us in the industry to find new GFCI solutions. When NK Technologies reached out to us recently, we decided to invest a few hours into meeting with their application experts. Five of our electrical engineering designers attended the session and considered it time well spent. NK Technologies has an in-depth understanding of the new NEC requirements and ground fault products designed to meet them. We are thankful for their time.”

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