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AGT Series Ground Fault Indicators from NK Technologies Combine Current Transformer & True RMS Signal in One Package

AGT Ground Fault IndicatorsSAN JOSE, CA – NK Technologies offers a wide range of ground fault indicators, including the AGT Series Ground Fault Indicator. The AGT Series produces an analog 4–20 mA signal proportional to earth or ground fault current. When connected to a controller or data logger, NEC requirements for alarm can be met. Applications include current leakage detection (monitors heating or other loads to detect increases in leakage current) and accurate measurement of very light loads (providing faster response than temperature measurement).

Key features AGT Series features include True RMS Output – remains accurate on distorted waveforms like VFD or SCR outputs; Single Range – eliminates field range selection errors and zero and span pots; and Isolation – magnetically isolates output from the input for safety and eliminates insertion loss.

AGT Ground Fault Indicator Series specifications include:

  • Output Signal: 4-20 mA, Loop-powered, True RMS
  • Output Limit: 23 mA
  • Accuracy: 1,0% FS from 10% to 100% of range
  • Frequency Range: 40-400 Hz
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC Nominal, 12-24 VDC
  • Response Time: 600 ms (to 90% step change)
  • Standards: UL, CUL 508 Listed


Founded in 1982, NK Technologies designed the first low-cost solid-state current sensing technology that underlies the industry today.

Today, NK Technologies  is a leading provider of current sensing, ground fault detection and power monitoring products to the industrial and factory automation markets, with a product portfolio that includes more than 1300 models to satisfy a wide range of specific application needs.  As the needs of these markets change, NK Technologies is well-positioned to respond with sophisticated new product designs and improved product functionality necessary to meet those applications.

NK Technologies, 3511 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95136; 800.959.4014; fax: 408.871.7515 sales@nktechnologies.com; www.nktechnologies.com.

New 2015 Product Catalog Available From NK Technologies

Current, voltage and power solution guide for industrial & factory automation markets2015 NK Technologies Product Catalog

SAN JOSE, CA – January 21, 2015 – NK Technologies announces the publication of a new comprehensive catalog featuring its extensive portfolio of current, voltage and power measurement products. The 114-page catalog includes performance data, sizes, specifications and technical references for the company’s line of current sensing switches, transducers, transformers, ground fault protection and other products.

Featured in the new catalog are NK Technologies’ recently-introduced AT/ATR AC current transducers—designed with split-core housings and the capacity to monitor up to 1600 amps without disturbing existing wiring. The new transducers are designed to mount on a DIN rail or attach to a control panel, providing the same reliability and accuracy that NK products are known for worldwide.

“The 2015 catalog showcases our innovative new product designs and the increased functionality of existing models,” said Philip Gregory, President of NK Technologies. “With more than 1300 cost-effective, high-performing models available, we offer one of the broadest selections in the industry.”

You can find NK Technologies’ full line at www.nktechnologies.com

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NK Technologies Successfully Completes ISO-9001/ISO-14001 Recertification Audit

NK Technologies announces it has successfully completed an ISO-9001/ISO-14001 recertification audit of its quality assurance and environmental management systems. The systems have been consolidated in order to provide for efficiencies in managing both systems collectively versus separately. The four day audit was performed by SGS, an ANAB accredited independent third party registrar. Previously each management system had been audited independently as the initial ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 registrations were achieved at different points in time, 14 months apart. Ron Rapczynski, NK Technologies Quality Assurance and Environmental Systems Manager says: “The consolidation of both systems has reduced each systems maintenance and operating costs. More importantly however it has increased the effectiveness of each system. This translates to the company continuing to provide the highest quality products while being good stewards of the environment.”

NK Technologies offers an industry leading five year warranty in order to demonstrate the confidence it has in the design and manufacture of its products.

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NK Technologies’ ASL Switches Honored as 2013 Design News Golden Mousetrap Finalist

NK Technologies announces that ASL Series AC Current Operated Switches have been selected as a Golden Mousetrap Finalist in the Components, Hardware and Interconnects category for Electronics and Test. The Awards celebrate the companies, products, and people who are energizing North American design, engineering, and manufacturing. The Golden Mousetrap Awards were announced at the Golden Mousetraps Ceremony held February 11, 2014 at the Anaheim Marriott.

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Measure Three Phase Wattage Consumption with the New APT Power Transducer

The APT produces an industry standard analog signal proportional to the real power used
NK Technologies introduces APT Series Power Transducers. The APT measures three phases of current and voltage and produces an industry standard analog signal proportional to the watts used. The monitor uses current transformers to measure the amperes, and the line voltage connects directly to the transducer, up to 600VAC. By comparing the instantaneous current flow with the circuit voltage, the power factor, whether leading or lagging, allows the APT transducer to produce a signal directly proportional to the wattage used. The APT power transducer can be configured to accept 5A secondary current transformers, or NK Technologies’ ProteCT™ low voltage output sensors. Either type of current sensing will produce an accurate output signal to help identify areas of excessive energy consumption and allow intervention to reduce demand.

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ATS Current Transducer/Switch Named a 2012 Plant Engineering Magazine Product of the Year Award Winner

ATS receives Silver award in the electrical controls category
The ATS Current Sensing Switch and Transducer from NK Technologies has received the Silver award for Electrical Controls in the 2012 Plant Engineering magazine Product of the Year contest. The ATS series is a compact one piece solution that combines a limit alarm with an analog output signal transducer to monitor produced or consumed AC current up to 1200 amps, while magnetically isolating outputs and inputs to maximize safety. An innovative and patent pending rotary switch makes it easy for users to set the trip point. DIN rail mounting simplifies installation and provides an extremely secure mount that is resistant to conductor movement.

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Control Energy Costs by Using the New APN Series Digital Power Monitor

The APN Series measures three phases of current and voltage and computes fourteen values necessary to track power usage
APN Series Power Monitor measures three phases of current and voltage and computes fourteen values necessary to track power usage in the RS485 Modbus RTU format. The monitor uses current transformers to measure the amperes. The line voltage connects directly to the transducer, up to 600VAC.

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Monitor DC Current with New DT 3-Wire Current Transducer

The newest addition to NK’s transducer family is in a very small, compact case with a 0-5 or 0-10 volt DC voltage output signal
The new DT Series 3-Wire Current Transducer from NK Technologies is specifically designed in a compact, space-saving case. The DT 3-Wire uses a common point for both power supply and output signal, and is factory calibrated for a single current range. This 3-wire method for DC current measurement keeps costs in check for projects where many sensors are needed.

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Monitor Power with Flexible Cable-type Current Transformers

The new CTRC AC Current Transformers offer a flexible coil design that can be installed over multiple conductors or bus assemblies and requires very little space
The new CTRC AC Current Transformers from NK Technologies monitor circuits up to 2000 amps and produces a safe, low voltage output proportional to the RMS current value. This output is designed as an input to a power monitor or transducer, replicating the AC wave shape with phase angle resolution better than 2°. The flexible coil design allows the cable to surround multiple conductors or bus assemblies regardless of shape and eliminates the magnetically permeable core of standard current transformers while providing excellent isolation, sensing only the magnetic field of the phase inside the loop. The CTRC can be used in any power monitoring application.

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